Jean Saint-Vil

October 17, 2022

President Kagame: you must reject all devilish offer to participate in the betrayal of Haiti

Your Excellency, This urgent letter comes your way from a son of Africa born in Haiti. Mr. President, you ought to categorically reject a macabre neocolonial
October 14, 2022

White Warlords are Haiti’s Real Curse

Originally published on Black Agenda Report There exists a numerically-miniscule but economically-powerful set of inbreeding oligarch families in Haiti , who are not descendants of deported and enslaved
October 4, 2022

A list of 14 supposed criminal families, a president assassinated, kidnappings engulf Haiti

Did you know… there exists a letter addressed to now-deceased former “president” of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, dated April 5, 2021, which bears the signatures of two
October 1, 2022

La Dessalinienne & “la Marguerite”

Madi 27 Septanm 2022, pèfòmans Ansyen Senatè Moïse Jean-Charles k ap chante Im Nasyonal la nan yon emisyon Radyo Karayib te lakòz anpil wounouwounou sou entènèt