Obsessed with leveling its political playing field the US & Canada are destroying Haiti

April 27, 2024
May 11, 2024

Obsessed with leveling its political playing field the US & Canada are destroying Haiti

Events of the past week when the US-backed Parti Haitien Tèt Kale (PHTK) regime maneuvered a 4th change of skin to retain its ill-gotten power over Haiti took many observers by surprise. However, those who have been paying attention to what is essential over distractions might be disturbed but, in truth, not surprised.

Majority block made up of corrupt criminal parties (PHTK, EDE, Pitit Dessalines & allies) that got Haiti to where it is today have hijacked Haiti’s new Presidential Council to ensure corrupt old practices of sharing the pie continues.” comments Jean Jacques Dessalines’ Twitter account. Indeed, US-backed PHTK affiliates who dominate the Presidential Council, unilaterally named a Prime Minister and, at once, usurped another council charged to organize projected elections by 2026.

It must be recalled how Canada, the US, France, other Core Group members… attending a March 11, 2024 CARICOM meeting in Jamaica, outrageously insisted that power be shared with local criminals, drug dealers, assassins who, as recently as March 3, broke two national jails, killed prison guards, released 5000 inmates, including those responsible for the murder of the latest puppet president, with FBI & DEA complicity. These US-backed criminals from PHTK, the 15 white warlord families and their militias got 5 out 7 seats in the presidential council set to “rule” Haiti, over the next 24 months.

Imagine what would have happened to the United States, if following the January 6, 2021 attacks on Washington’s Capitol, which caused the life of 6 people, the Ambassadors of Russia, China, Bangladesh and Ethiopia had the ability to impose a power-sharing deal between Biden’s Democrats and the Capitol storming hordes supporting Donald Trump?

Fanmi Lavalas and the Montana group both issued statements which unequivocally condemn PHTK shenanigans in the still-born Presidential Council. However, I encourage Lavalas, Montana and other fellow Haitian progressives to ready ourselves for a long season of knives in the back.

Fanmi Lavalas states: “the masquerade of April 30, 2024 in the Presidential Council, is a conspiracy to guarantee the legal bandits of PHTK and their allies to maintain power in the transition period and continue the tradition of corruption.”

Montana Accord condemns…the political & economic mafia forces that stole control of the Presidential Council & government to control the State to suppress the power of the transition to share the spoils & privileges to the profit of the traditional political & economic clans”.

What is in it for the US and Canada? Why do they insist on propping up PHTK, by all means?

Back in 2005, a year after Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was overthrown, alongside comrades of the Canada Haiti Action Network, I met senior Canadian officials on Parliament Hill in Ottawa to whom we presented the disturbing report by Thomas Griffin which documents multiple crimes exacted against supporters of Lavalas by the post-coup regime. Following the formal hearing, I asked senior bureaucrats speaking off camera why they were reluctant to organize free and fair elections in Haiti now that they’ve secured total control over the country. Their response: “this wouldn’t solve the problem!“. Why is that, I retorted. “Because Lavalas, the movement headed by Aristide, would win“, one replied without blinking.

In the assessment of the white rulers of occupied-Haiti, Aristide’s Lavalas still occupied too much space in the Haitian political landscape. Their obsessive aim, for over 20 years, has been to “level the playing field” to ensure 1) Lavalas wouldn’t regain power and 2) the masses could never again outmanoeuvre Washington, as happened in 1990, to elect a progressive leader.

Strategy #1 – Ban Fanmi Lavalas from all post-coup elections

it is generally recognized and even admitted by senior officials at Canada’s Foreign Affairs department that Aristide’s Fanmi Lavalas remains Haiti’s most popular party. It goes without saying that an election without Lavalas would be considered a sham. Yet, the U.S., Canada, France, and the interim government have openly and actively sought to destabilize and eliminate Lavalas from the running, by promoting a split within the party.

Martin’s Special Advisor on Haiti, Denis Coderre, has gone so far as to name two individuals he deems suitable replacements for Aristide. This ill-inspired strategy has served to irredeemably discredit these foreign-blessed “moderates” who have lost the respect of Haitians. It has become such a cynical farce that news broke on Aug. 4 that Guy Phillipe, the infamous paramilitary now presidential candidate who headed the violent coup from the Dominican Republic, has announced seeking an alliance with moderate Lavalas. As could be logically expected, Lavalas officials reaffirmed that the condition of their participation in the elections remain unchanged: release some 1,000 political prisoners, end political persecutions and return President Aristide to complete his mandate”. Fair Elections in Haiti: Imagine the Possibilities, August 24th, 2005 OPED By Jean Saint-Vil, Embassy Magazine

“Most English-language news media reported on the serious problems that plagued Haiti’s November 28 presidential and legislative elections—long lines, incomplete voter registries, record low voter turnout, violence, and chaos. But they barely mentioned the election’s biggest flaw: the arbitrary banning of more than a dozen political parties from the ballot—most notably Fanmi Lavalas, the country’s most popular party, which has won every election in which it has been allowed to participate”, Haiti’s Elections: Parties Banned, Media Yawn, Dan Beeton, May 12, 2011

Strategy #2 – Disrupt the electoral map with deadly terrorists (aka gangs) to ensure future low-turnout rigged elections are “won” by US-approved “right” candidates.

While US-armed PHTK militias have caused massive internal displacements in Haiti, the reigns of political power is entrusted to PHTK and its allies who control the state apparatus. Does this mean, the playing field has effectively been levelled to US and Canada’s satisfaction? Sure, it is somewhat embarrassing that several among these PHTK thugs present at recent Presidential Council events (Joseph Lambert, Youry Latortue, Josue Pierre-Louis…) feature on mystical Canadian, US, UN and EU “sanctions lists”. However, the essential goals were achieved: 1) Lavalas will not regain power, in the foreseeable future and 2) the masses cannot, once again, outmanoeuvre Washington, as happened in 1990, to elect progressive (unpredictable) leaders. Blan Malveyan 2, Ayiti zewo!

The deadly socio-political experiment, the US and allies are conducting in Haiti has ramifications for millions of people around the globe. Make no mistake about it, as the Blan Malveyan test their Global Fragility Act stratagem to invade Haiti with black mercenaries from Kenya, Senegal, Jamaica, the Bahamas…, using CARICOM as a regional facilitator on the diplomatic front, leaders of resource-rich Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger had better raise their defences against ECOWAS and associate criminal sellouts. In recent news, US military bases are popping up everywhere in Africa.

The gardeners of Europe & White Amerikkka are always on crusade. The people’s resistance must also be always active and organizing to counter their dirty blows.

Thus, a collective of Haitian patriots living in several cities which met on March 16, 2024 calls for 3 Days Of Global Solidarity with the Valiant People of Haiti : April 20, May 1 and May 20, 2024 and declares that:

1. The Haitian people’s sovereign right on their territory is absolute and sacred. Foreigners who violate this right are enemies of the nation. Haitians who help the enemy to violate Haitian sovereignty are traitors who will be punished as our ancestors and the laws of our country command.

a) Core Group is persona non grata. Kenyan, Senegalese, CARICOM, Spanish…other mercenaries, you better remain in your own territory!

b) Michel Martelly, Gilbert Bigio, Reynold Deeb, Izo (Johnson André), Dimitri Herard, Jimmy Cherizier (Babekyou), Vitelhomme Innocent, André Apaid, Guy Philippe  … all criminals who broke prison walls and spilled the blood of innocent people must get arrested or be punished (bwa kale!)

c) The only transitional government we will recognize is one that comes from Haitian leaders who do not have the blood of the people on their hands.


2. To defend the lives of honest Haitians, we will fight against all wickedness until we disarm all criminals (both foreigners and Haitians) and rebuild the legitimate defense forces of our nation.

a) We have decreed ongoing mobilization to rebuild all legal forces (Police and Army) established to guarantee safety for everyone on our homeland, as required, without discrimination.

b) Abolish all private militias that currently protect and serve criminal oligarchs, white imperialist forces and their accomplices.

c) We seek due application of international law to force the United States and the Dominican Republic to stop invading Haiti with deadly weapons while these countries are harboring major criminals who have Haitian blood on their hands, in their territory (e.g. Bigio, Martelly…)


3. Relentless mobilization to expose and counter all malicious forces which have gangsterized Haiti with the PHTK militias.

a) We demand restitution and reparation from the governments of Core Group member countries, the United Nations, and the OAS for multiple crimes they have committed against the Haitian people historically as well as in the present era.

b) We open our arms to receive and offer solidarity to all struggling peoples such as in Cuba, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Palestine, Venezuela… who are facing the malicious actions of the same klan of colonizers, land thieves which form the Core Group.



Until major warlords in Haiti are arrested and the huge assets they stole are nationalised, all peace and stabilization efforts are doomed. Bigio, Martelly et. al. will continue to import illegal weapons, arm private militias to overthrow progressive black leaders like Aristide. (See: https://www.blackagendareport.com/haitis-white-war-lords)

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