Obsessed with leveling its political playing field the US & Canada are destroying Haiti
May 1, 2024


I was interviewed and misquoted in a recent Globe and Mail article titled: “Haiti’s gangs rule Port-au-Prince in the chaos of political crisis”, published on May 9, 2024 (accessible to subscribers here: – behind pay wall)

As another predictably disastrous foreign invasion of my native Haiti is fast progressing, it is necessary and urgent that I highlight the following:

Contributing journalist ERIC ANDREW-GEE and I had a lengthy conversation as he researched the subject for this G&M article.

As I read the published text this morning, I was disappointed if not entirely surprised by how such an in-depth piece could be written without a single reference to the fact that Haiti had 7000 duly-elected elected officials when foreign troops invaded the country 20 years ago to topple its last truly-Haitian, truly-elected government.

The part where I am quoted using the Frankenstein analogy is absolutely misleading. It reads as follows:

Given their historic complicity in financing the armed violence facing Haiti, the country’s political class now lacks credibility in denouncing it, argued Jean Saint-Vil, a Haitian-Canadian political analyst based in Gatineau, Que. “It’s like Frankenstein has created his monster, the monster is committing crimes, and Frankenstein amuses himself with giving speeches saying how the monster is ugly”.

Indeed, corrupt Haitian politicians and the local white warlords associated with PHTK have financed paramilitary terrorists and I also denounce them in my writings (which I shared with the G&M journalist, shortly after our interview – see:… ).

However, my frequent reference to Frankenstein highlights misdeeds of the other, complementary, side of the corruption nexus in Haiti – THE BLAN MALVEYAN or “wicked whites” – the foreign powers who run Haiti’s infamous Core Group.

The Core Group was established by U.N. Security Council resolution S/RES/1542 (2004). It is chaired by the U.N. Special Representative to Haiti, and also includes representatives from Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, the European Union, the United States, and the Organization of American States” (see ). As most Haitians would tell you and as I often underscore in published articles and social media posts, Core Group foreigners have been effectively running the show in Haiti since the US-led 29 February 2004 coup d’état. They make all important decisions but shoulder zero accountability for the resulting mess.

It was crystal clear in my discussion with ERIC ANDREW-GEE that the folks I consider lacking credibility to solve the crisis in Haiti are the arsonists pretending to be firemen – members of the Core Group (Frankenstein) as well as Frankenstein’s monsters (corrupt Haitian politicians and economic mafia bosses – mainly associated with the PHTK party).

Young black gun-wielding terrorists who are prominently featured in the G&M article are indeed real and also part of the story. However, many keen observers have already highlighted eery similarities between these Haitian terrorists and those found in Africa’s Sahel region. Folks, what is happening in the Caribbean must be put in its global context. The US and its allies are creating conditions for many territories to be declared “fragile states” – they arm the terrorists who eventually serve as convenient justification for foreign invasion, establishment of US/ European military bases (as is now happening in Nigeria).

This is no “either or” situation. BOTH elements of corruption must be taken into account – local criminals as well as global criminals. Blacks as well as whites! As I often denounce on social media, I notice a systematic tendency by so-called mainstream media to whitewash the crimes of foreign powers in Haiti. This cannot be coincidental or attributed to simple errors. To put it bluntly, in the mayhem currently unfolding in Haiti, one does not require special glasses to observe that Frankenstein is white. His monsters are white, mixed-race and black. His victims are for the most part, if not exclusively, black and impoverished.

Jafrikayiti (Jean Saint-Vil)


  1. Dr. Yaa Elombe says:

    Jafrikayiti, I am grateful for your profound knowledge of Ayiti and for educating us. Your CD, Lafimem, has been a source of enjoyment for me, and I wish you a fulfilling retirement, although I must warn you that you may find yourself even busier than when you were working. As conscious Ayitians, many of us have been at the forefront of advocating for Ayiti’s sovereignty and freedom, yet our voices seem to go unheard. I firmly believe that many of us (Soldiers), first- and second-generation Ayitians in the US, Canada, and beyond, possess the training, talents, and skills necessary to come together and form an “Ayitian” Heirs force to fight for “Ayiti Cheri.” This is my humble suggestion. We must realize that no one else will come to our rescue but ourselves – Umoja family!

    • Jafrikayiti says:

      Than you so much Dr. Yaa Elombe! Yes, we must regroup, organize to optimize the fruits of our efforts. This is an opportune time as any other. Ancestors like Kwame Ture, Makeba, Randall Robinson…left important tracks for us to follow as we strive to make our own contribution . Your kind words provide energy and I look for the next opportunity to exchange further thoughts with you. Please connect

      Uhuru! Ayibobo!