The young Haitian scores a historic victory goal yet Haiti looses again

May 11, 2024

Last night, June 25, 2024, as young and brilliant Jonathan David scored Canada’s first ever victory goal at a major soccer tournament (Copa America 2024), he did exactly what Joe Gaetchens achieved for the US soccer team in 1950 as he scored to beat England 1-0 at the World Cup. This big deal was once described as “the greatest upset in FIFA history”. See…/black-history-month…

Unfortunately, last night’s goal did not only bring up happy memories of David defeating Goliath. For some, it was also a reminder of wicked betrayal and ingratitude. How so, you ask?

Here, more images to help illustrate…

On the same day Jonathan David scored his historic goal for Canada, Kenyan troops landed in his parents’ native Haiti where turmoil has engulfed everyone’s life over the past 20 years. What does that have to do with Canada, ingratitude and betrayal? Well, everything indeed!

As described in Canadian filmmaker Elaine Brière’s documentary “Haiti Betrayed“, if the Caribbean island is rendered insufferable to impoverished black Haitians to the point of foreign mercenaries landing there in 2024 presumably to fight US-armed terrorists (so-called gangs), in no small way, this is a direct result of the Ottawa Initiative on Haiti. The latter is codeword for a vicious coup that was plotted in Ottawa on January 31-February 1, 2003 and executed in Port-au-Prince on February 29, 2004.


During that infamous multinational coup d’état white soldiers from the US, Canada, France invaded Haiti and violently toppled its last truly Haitian and democratically-elected government. The legitimate Haitian President, Dr. Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was effectively kidnapped by the invaders and forced into exile in Africa from where he was banned, unable to return to this hemisphere, his, for over 7 years! See:

After the 1950 World Cup, Joe Gaetchens was not given the US passport he was promised. Instead, upon his return to Haiti, the CIA-trained and armed Tonton Macoutes murdered the young athlete. Duvalier was a US-sponsored dictator who brought Haiti backwards 30 years, despite having inherited significant social and infrastructure progress achieved under President Dumarsais Estimé (1946-1950). Estimé in 1950, like Aristide in 1991 and 2004, was deposed by US-sponsored coup d’état.

While I expect the young Jonathan David to have a brilliant career in world soccer, with the Canadian national team as well as professional clubs, it must be noted that the neo-Duvalierist PHTK regime, which Canada and the US imposed on Haitians over the past 20 years, has brought Haiti to such decay that not a single soccer stadium that meets minimum FIFA requirements remains in the country. Haitian national teams (men and women) are obliged to play their home games in foreign lands, for exorbitant fees.

How come Haitians have tolerated the PHTK thieves who embezzled billions of dollars from the Petro Caribe fund which was supposed to finance the building of key infrastructure, including 25 soccer stadiums? Who do you think protects the thieves from prosecution and even insist they be part of the current puppet regime? You’ve guessed it! Canada, the US, EU, OAS, the Core Group which fancies itself “The International Community“. In truth, a narcissistic club of imperialist bullies which I dub “Blan Malveyan” (The Wicked Whites). These diplomatic skinheads’ behaviour towards black Haitians and their nation, in 2024, shows little evolution from what their slaver ancestors (Napoleon, Jefferson, Elizabeth, Leopold…) had adopted 100 or 200 years ago. See…/

I know, I spoiled your happy celebrations yet again. Perhaps, to cheer yourself up, you could take a look at what William Ruto is doing in Kenya while dispatching black mercenaries to invade Haiti? As you read these lines, his blackface mercenaries are on mission to help Joe Biden and company camouflage their racist 20 year ongoing US-led multinational occupation of Haiti into a theatre of fratricide – “black on black violence”. This same week, William Samoai Ruto, the US-backed puppet, has killed over a dozen Gen Z Kenyan youths who resist barbaric IMF & World Bank policies. These young Africans, like martyr Rex Kanyeki Masai, have the audacity to demand that riches of their countries serve their people rather than white-controlled corporations. Imagine!

If neither news from Haiti or Kenya cheer you up, perhaps you should check out Gaza, Congo or simply turn the channel to Louis Armstrong singing “What a wonderful world”.

Meanwhile, I bid you genuine Peace with Justice!





  1. Marie Nadine Pierre says:

    Jah & Jahes love beloved brother Jafrikayiti. Thank you very much for a wonderful blog post about a miraculous event! I wish I had time to read about the legacy of this fateful soccer match between the U.S. and England. I feel that someone should write a book about Joe Gaetchens. I would like to know more about how he was killed. Did Francois Duvalier see him as a threat? When I was growing up, I learned that Duvalier killed a man because he built a bicycle! For me, Francois Duvalier is very much like King Henri Christophe, they both kill the people whom they feel will threaten their position. I feel that people of Ayiti descent have a lot more to contribute to the U.S. sports and France too. It’s a real shame that Haitians in the PHTKaKa administration chose to rob the country of millions of dollars instead of using the resources to build stadiums, hospitals, and other necessary institutions. Blessed love.#1804#Ayiti#ToutMounseMoun#AbolishCPS#AbolishPoverty#DefundFosterCare#ProChoice#RawVeganforLife#HRES40NOW#220YearsFREE#FreeAyiti#NoNewOccupationofAyiti#BwaKale!#KoteKobPetroKaribea?

    • PHTK criminals do what their masters and protectors in Washington desire. It is up to Haitians to find a way o bring justice to them by any means necessary.