October 17, 2023
Obsessed with leveling its political playing field the US & Canada are destroying Haiti
May 1, 2024

I, Jafrikayiti, demand long overdue reparations from slavery-enriched Christian institutions, in the name of Scipio Africanus.

This disturbing and remarkable tombstone https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scipio_Africanus_(slave) is that of an African man who died young, like most Africans who were kidnapped, deported, enslaved and tortured by European slavers during the period of MAAFA.

Beyond the material things that were stolen from this African youth who died in captivity, aged 18, we see clear evidence the European royal criminals attacked Scipio Africanus’ brain cells and caused very severe damage to his very soul.

We may never find out what his real name was. That also was stolen from him. However, we know the name of the cruel individual who profited from much of his labor on earth, none other than Charles William Howard, 7th Earl of Suffolk – i.e. of the British family of slavers, listed now as the planet’s biggest land “owners” (thieves), ahead of that corporation based in Rome known as the Catholic Church.

Please read what he supposedly asked to have written on his own gravestone:

I who was Born a PAGAN and a SLAVE
Now Sweetly Sleep a CHRISTIAN in my Grave

What tho’ my hue was dark my SAVIORS sight
Shall Change this darkness into radiant light

Such grace to me my Lord on earth has given
To recommend me to my Lord in heaven
Whose glorious second coming here I wait
With saints and Angels Him to celebrate

This is a poignant illustration of the type of neurological damage white supremacist propaganda masquerading as “religion” caused to 100s of millions of Africans. Here, the victim is thanking his torturer dubbed his “Lord on Earth“, through and thanks to whom he believes to have accessed an imaginary “Lord in Heaven” whom he certainly would have never gotten to acquaint, otherwise.

What amount would suffice to “repair” the obviously much-damaged brain cells of “Scipio Africanus“, the enslaved teenager?

Were he still alive today, Scipio would have been too damaged to even realize he needs and deserves reparations.

It is obviously too late for this young man who may or may not have left direct descendants. But, the opportunity is still here for this generation of humans to courageously undo some of the damages that are still being inflicted to indigenous peoples of Africa and of the Americas whose lands have been stolen and brain cells have been hijacked and severely damaged by Euro-Christian hordes.

On behalf of billions of Scipio Africanus, I claim long overdue reparations from slavery-enriched Christian institutions, such as the Holy See, the Church of England and associate culprits.

Please open up your ears! I said REPARATIONS, not retribution, not revenge but adequate means to repair – thus RE-PA-RA-TIONS. No need to panic!

We can and we must transform the Christian Churches into healing centres (Remanbre).

These statues of “white Jesus”, “white Mary”, “white Moses” etc… alongside the “white Saint Michael crushing the head of the black devil”…are not harmless. These racist works of “art” in support of the white domination agenda have caused and continue to cause long lasting damages to human brains all over the planet. We must bring these stupidities down. Yes, this radical change will cause financial loss to corporations which sell white supremacist propaganda material under the guise of “religious icons”. But, when will these corporations of thieves and pedophiles ever amass enough bloody wealth?

Let children all over the world grow up learning that all men and women are indeed nothing more and nothing less than HUMAN.

Let them learn the stories of true heroines like Casilda, Queen Nzinga, Zumbi real heroes like Chief Tecumseh, Tupac Amaro, Albert Einstein, Abolitionists like the Great Jean Jacques Dessalines, John Brown,… etc.

Yes, let us transform the white supremacist Christian churches into healing centres adorned with images of real heroes from all the peoples of Planet Earth!

Are you brave and intelligent enough to welcome the time that has finally come?


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