Jean Saint-Vil

November 3, 2018

Who Runs the New Dictatorship in Haiti?

HAITI’S NEW DICTATORSHIP: The Coup, the Earthquake, and the UN Occupation by Justin Podur *** ABOUT THE BOOK Haiti’s New Dictatorship charts the country’s recent history,
July 11, 2018

Kanada Pral Pwouve Li Respekte Pèp Ayisyen an

Ayisyen di Etazini/Kanada/Lewòp/OEA/LONI: “Ou kidnape vrè lidè nou yo, epi ou jouke popetwèl pa ou, pa vre?” “Fòk nou kwape Apateyd ann Ayiti!” “Okipasyon etranjè a
July 8, 2018

Canada Called to Support Haitian Freedom Verily

Haitians to U.S./Canada/Europe/OAS/UN: “You kidnapped our real leaders and installed your puppets!” “End Apartheid in Haiti!” “The foreign occupation and its puppets have failed: return Haiti
July 8, 2018

We Are Haiti

Join the Public Demonstration of Canadian Solidarity with the People of Haiti – Monday, 9 July 2018, Noon, Parliament Hill… There is no time to waste!