January 16, 2018

Se pa kado blan te fe nou

Pandan fèt Martin Luther King bay okazyon pou patizan lanmou, verite ak jistis selebre lavi yon Nèg vanyan, jodi a, annou asire n, nou kenbe je
December 30, 2017

A Single Maat Confession for Haitians

Today, December 30, 2017, as we enter “Nia”, the 5th day of Kwanzaa, I invite you to follow me on a special journey that will take
April 4, 2017

From Khufu, Snefru, Huni and Djoser to Makandal, Dessalines and you

There is no shortage of African builders of great civilization to inspire our world. For instance, although much effort has been deployed by so-called archeologists, historians,
December 29, 2016