August 30, 2023

Reflections of a Retired Canadian Public Servant

Warning: might include expressions of gratefulness and praise for the Canadian Science and Technology System. In a few days, I will begin official retirement from the
July 31, 2023

San zansèt nou yo ki te koule

Konpatriyòt, onè!  Jodi a, Dimanch 30 Jiyè 2023, mwen voye salitasyon espesyal pou Kaptenn Nérilia Mondésir ak tout ekip Grenadye pa pè chay nou yo k
July 13, 2023

Who supports foreign invasion of Haiti, why?

For several months now, there has been incessant diplomatic activity to justify a U.S. invasion of Haiti albeit, this time, with black face. As described in
July 12, 2023

What is urgent and necessary in Haiti

The author asks CARICOM member states to support the Haitian people in their struggle for sovereignty. Ottawa, June 6, 2023 Dear Leaders of CARICOM, I greet