Haiti demands long overdue reparations and refuses to become Caribbean Rhodesia
May 31, 2022

Letter to President Aristide from a son of Haiti

Haiti’s self-appointed international “friends” masterminded, financed and executed a bloody bicentennial coup d’etat on 29 February 2004 which killed several thousands and severely derailed the nation’s pro-democracy struggle. Many voices, mine among them, raised the alarm early on in a desperate attempt to derail the macabre plan designed by the worse enemies of the long-suffering but still struggling Haitian People. Thus, 21 years ago, I wrote to President Aristide.

Open Letter to President Aristide from a Son of Haiti:
Ottawa, Canada, December 16, 2002

Brother President,

Outraged by the nonsensical and very dangerous political situation our people has been pushed into over the last decade, I write this urgent letter to you with the hope that it will contribute positively to our people’s righteous struggle for uncompromising freedom, true justice and sustainable peace.

Brother president, as you so aptly mentioned in your latest speeches, the negative forces that are allowed to act out in our country aren’t doing so against yourself but against the Haitian people. Therefore, as the duly elected chief representative of the Haitian people, you are presented the following questions for your thoughts and answer and the following recommendations for your analysis  – with the ultimate aim of aiding our people’s noble struggle.

First the questions:

1)      Why have you not conducted a referendum (consulting the Haitian people – the ultimate authority!) to decide whether or not to redo the contested legislative and local elections – but instead caved in to the pressures of foreign forces (U.S., E.U., Canada etc…) and took this path of endless bargaining with obviously ill-intentioned foreigners and the opposition they are illegally – yet so openly sponsoring? Has this “bargaining” path not proven itself to be more dangerous and indeed detrimental to our people’ noble aspirations?

2)      When will you finally decide to stop paying interest on the IDB $150M loan that is still being illegally retained from the Haitian State? Is it not your obligation, as Head of State, to launch legal actions against this out-of-compliance organization?

{N.B.: once the coup took place IDB began disbursement of the loans long denied to Haiti under the legitimate government led by President Aristide}

3)      When will your government finally release for the Haitian People’s benefit, the FRAPH documents which the U.S. Forces stole and confiscated for over 6 years (1994-2000) in order to remove the names of American CIA agents alleged to have been involved in the coup-related massacres of 1991-1994? Is it not your responsibility, as Chief of State, to ensure the launch of formal legal actions against all criminals and organizations against which the Haitian State holds such seriously incriminating evidence?

4)      Under what constitutional authority have you recently taken $ 2.4 M (U.S.) of the people’s money to give to the foreign-sponsored opposition parties and the French Institute as per OAS Resolution 822? – Aren’t you by these actions facilitating more injustice against the Haitian people? How different is this from the 60 million Franc ransom Jean-Pierre Boyer, our former president, accepted to pay to France’s zenglendo King Charles X as indemnity to the barbaric French slave-makers whom Dessalines (peace be unto him!) righteously kicked out of our land?

{N.B.: a few months later, on April 7, 2003, President Aristide courageously issued the first ever official demand for Restitution of the Charles X Ransom to Haiti}

Now the recommendations:

1)      Please act on the questions raised above brother President and inform the Haitian People of your actions so we may decide whether and how to support them.

2)      Forget about the false promises of AID from the traditional enemies of our people. It is high time we wake up and realize that Santa Clauss is not only a mythical being but a cleverly conceived cover up for smiling thieves. If you need funds to run Haiti, brother President, turn to your People for help. We are not as poor as they say. We have a whole continent full of gold and diamonds. We are all over the globe. We only need to get our act together. Instead of wasting your time with the deceivingly-named World Bank, do call elder Mandela, brother Bill Cosby and sister Maya Angelou. Trust again in your global People’s resourcefulness dear brother as you once did.

3)      Never accept to negotiate this basic principle: there shall be no foreign occupation troops in the land of Jean-Jacques Dessalines (peace be unto him!) on January 1, 2004. This is not negotiable. We realize the “diplomatic skinheads” are working hard to render this inevitable. They are busy financing violent unrest in the country as they did on the eve of 1915. But you brother President, as Chief of State, must accept to lay your life for your people if necessary but not to let this sacrilege take place.  NOT NEGOTIABLE !

Beyond these recommendations dear brother, I can only wish upon you the blessings of our 100 million “beloved” ancestors whose heritage we carry proudly and courageously. I wish upon you the blessings of our Creator, the true God of Imhotep, Malik Shabazz el Shabazz, Albert Einstein, Boukmann, Toussaint Louverture, Dessalines, Sanite Belair, Marijann, Paul Farmer, Kendall Clark, and of the newly born child in Site Solèy, Soweto or Wachington D.C… so that Her wisdom may help you convince our brothers and sisters to come together, as we once did at the sacred site of Bwa Kayiman. Yes, all our brothers and sisters from all political parties, all social classes, all walks of life to come together and solemnly pledge to live or die to defeat this ill-masqueraded neo-colonial slavery once and for all.

Haiti’s “Vertières” is indeed, brother President, the cornerstone of worldwide African liberation. See you at home on January 1, 2004 !


Your brother who loves you and forever stands with our People in the struggle,


Uncompromising Freedom, True Justice and Sustainable Peace – we demand no more, we shall accept no less!


  1. jafrikayiti says:

    Around the same period, January-February 2003, self-appointed “friends of Haiti” were busy exchanging crumbs among themselves, in the name of “democracy” in Haiti:

    “The Organization of American States (OAS) has received a $5,000 donation from the Holy See to support the OAS Special Mission to Strengthen Democracyin Haiti”.

    “such special contributions are particularly important in strengthening therole the Organization can play in finding solutions to some of thehemisphere’s most pressing problems, among them paralyzing political crises.”

    Luigi Einaudi, Assistant Secretary General, OAS

  2. marie nadine PiErRe says:

    One perfect love beloved Jafrikayiti. Mesi anpil pou kouraj ou. Epi tou ou te ekri let sa a depi is ke diz ane. Le sa a ou te jenn epi ou pat moun jki te nan politik. Mwen kwe ke se pou sa ex prezidan Aristid pat, pran konssy ou te bali yo. Mon che se te ou vremen bel lett. Ou te byen ekri li. Epi tou ou te ooganize pwen ho ak rekomandasyon vremen byen. Se pwoblem lakay nou kom aysyen ak aysyenne tou paske nou twopp henn lakay nou nan ke nou, kont youn ak lott. Mwen swete ke ou jou wa va retounen lakay ou bel che ayoti pou ta pran k onsey pa ou a. Nagay sa yo serye vremen. Paske li senble ke preziden Aristid te vren prett pou pran konsey tout lott moun deyo ki paoun pey ya moun ki pa soufri mechanste kolonyalist eksklavajists yo epi gade kote nou ye kounye a? Travay la lou men mwen gen konfyans paske gen bon koun tankou ou ki gen vreman bon lanmou pou peyi Ayiti ki respekte zansett yo e ki konn devwa li tou. Nap avanse mon che mwen e nap rive tou. Avek tout lanmou.

    • marie nadine PiErRe says:

      Beloved Jafrikayiti. Mwen blye reponn keksyon dwat. Wi, mwen kwe nan kem ke si prezidan Arisiltid te.pran konsey ou te ba li yo. Konsey, ou te byen, oganize nan lett la li tap reyisi mete lod nan dezod. Epi li tap byen okipe peyi a tou. Kounye a se pou ou jwen lott fadon pou ase pale ak moun ki jwen povwa malkadi yo pou met pwen sa yo nan travay pou ayiti ak pep la korektemwn. Ak tout lanmou.

  3. Elma says:

    Aidan,Mwen kontan ou te jwenn kenonn ki sa ki yon Bon Moun sipoze nan je bondye. Mwen espere w ap ede louvri je lf2t pe8p sa a verite a pou nou ka tou de gen anpil zanmi le8 nou jwenn nan sye8l la. Mwen ap ede ou nenpf2t fason mwen kapab. Bondye beni ou!David

  4. Marie Nadine Pierre says:

    Lanmou Jah ak Jahes fre m. Map li komante m te ekri 10 de sa. Epi m pa mem rekonet sam ekri a. Men, m dako 100%! Eskize m pou tout ere m te fe. Paske m pat pran tam pou li sa m te ekri. Lanmou Beni.