Toussaint Louverture

March 3, 2021

Toussaint Louverture ak Leclerc 4 je kontre

Toussaint Louverture fenk aprann nouvèl ekspedisyon Jeneral Leclerc la.  Gouvènè Jeneral la sele chwal li, epi li pati nan pwent zile a, bò Samana, kote solèy leve
May 16, 2019

Time to stop resisting Haiti’s Resistance

As political violence appears to be growing in Haiti in the midst of outrageous calls to overthrow of a democratically-elected government; As a Bush administration denies
May 16, 2019

Napoleon was no Toussaint Louverture

Mr. ADAM HOCHSCHILD – New York Times Your article titled: “The Black Napoleon” attracted my attention because, as a son of Haiti, I find comparing Toussaint Louverture
December 29, 2016