November 16, 2020

Rejim Bandi PHTK ak Rejim Tonton Makout Se Marasa

Jodi a, dimanch 15 Novanm 2020, lavèy 217 tyèm anivèsè Konba Vètyè, nou vin ranmase plis fòs pou nou kapab deraye karavàn sasinay Jovenel Apredye ak
October 20, 2019

What ought to be Canada’s policy towards Haiti?

This year, as Canadians head to the polls, a Montreal-based group known as Québec-Haiti Solidarity: Petro Challenge 2019 undertook several actions to alert Canadians that something
July 4, 2019

Can Haitians help make Canada better!?

This year, an unprecedented event took place on Canada Day, in Ottawa. A group of Canadians answered a fellow citizen’s challenge to host the first ever
January 14, 2018

Many cousins of Donald Trump act like him but speak differently

“Trump is an accurate mirror of what is wrong with world leadership… …people need to ask themselves why is Haiti a country that is financially, economically