October 6, 2019

Ki Valè Lavi Yon Nèg?

Nan premye semèn mwa oktòb 2019, plizyè evènman ankouraje nou poze limanite yon kesyon demeplè: Alèkile, ki valè lavi yon nèg genyen sou latè? Li nòmal
July 4, 2019

Can Haitians help make Canada better!?

This year, an unprecedented event took place on Canada Day, in Ottawa. A group of Canadians answered a fellow citizen’s challenge to host the first ever
July 8, 2018

Canada Called to Support Haitian Freedom Verily

Haitians to U.S./Canada/Europe/OAS/UN: “You kidnapped our real leaders and installed your puppets!” “End Apartheid in Haiti!” “The foreign occupation and its puppets have failed: return Haiti