Many cousins of Donald Trump act like him but speak differently

A Single Maat Confession for Haitians
December 30, 2017
Haitians: Conan is no magician
January 21, 2018

“Trump is an accurate mirror of what is wrong with world leadership…

…people need to ask themselves why is Haiti a country that is financially, economically deprived?

…why in 2017, over 3000 Africans were trying to cross the Mediterranean and died?

…The rich environment white Americans, some Black Americans, Europeans are enjoying today while you see thousands of Africans trying to cross the Mediterranean, all of that was built on a crime. It wasn’t an individual crime. It was a collective crime.

…All of the leaders of Europe and white North America are preoccupied with building walls so they can keep the wretched of the earth away from all the resources they have stolen from those same countries.

The Congo today is one of those countries Donald Trump considers to be a threat because people are coming from the Congo to the United States. But the Congo is one of the richest places on the planet. All of the computers we are using use minerals from the Congo. Why don’t we address the core issue, that is to make sure Africans, Haitians, get access to their natural resources? To me, that’s the most important question, not the fact that Americans have elected a bigot at their head”.

Click to watch the full interview on The Real News. (there you will also find the full transcripts)

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