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January 14, 2018
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March 19, 2018
Whereas I applaud Conan O’Brien’s spontaneous decision to host his show in Haiti in order to dramatically prove a point that needs to be made again and again – that is Haiti is a place where beautiful people live, Haitians must ensure we do not succumb to a few attractive traps:
1) Denial of REALITY
2) Reinforcing white saviorism
3) Offering our struggle for short-sighted commercial exploitation
Well over 85% of the very beautiful people of Haiti are living in unacceptable situations of environmental poverty. Our major cities do not have appropriate sewage management systems. Healthcare is at zero. The state is hijacked by a mafia of 15 or so ultra national families who run the economy of Haiti as that of a modern slave colony. The government is lead by puppet leaders who are imposed upon Haitians by force and trickery exercised by the foreign occupation forces who masterminded the February 2004 coup d’état which led to the U.N. troops contaminating over 1 million Haitians with cholera, and refusing to compensate their victims to this very day.  Conan’s one night show is not going to change any of that magically.
It is not Conan’s goal, nor should it have been, to solve for Haitians the challenges that we face as a people. So, I welcome his action. However, I hope fellow Haitians, including the Boukman Eksperyans crew, see more in this opportunity than a publicity stunt for the few.
Worse of all is the danger of reinforcing the myths of white supremacy in a place that desperately needs a heavy dose of self-affirmation and African (Haitian) agency in this very hour.
I know, some will misread what I am writing here. But, at my age, I have no time to concern myself with splitting hairs and pettiness. I will be watching Conan’s show this evening and, the day after, will continue to contribute what I can to the process of Haitian awakening and self-repair.
Alèkile nou pa priye 2 je fèmen, nou medite 2 je kale pou nou veye vòlè!

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