January 31, 2023

Below Zero in Haiti, 20 Years into The Ottawa Initiative

In January 2003, Haitians were in the midst of planning celebrations for their bicentennial liberation from the white slavers of Spain, Britain, and France. Famous Black
October 14, 2022

White Warlords are Haiti’s Real Curse

Originally published on Black Agenda Report There exists a numerically-miniscule but economically-powerful set of inbreeding oligarch families in Haiti , who are not descendants of deported and enslaved
August 23, 2021

Pou Ayiti lib fòk Ayisyen lib

Sa gen 230 ane pase, sou zile Ayiti, nèg ak nègès te leve kanpe pou yo rache libète nan men kolon esklavajis yo. Jodi a, Dimanch 22
May 16, 2019

Time to stop resisting Haiti’s Resistance

As political violence appears to be growing in Haiti in the midst of outrageous calls to overthrow of a democratically-elected government; As a Bush administration denies