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Jafrikayiti (Jean Saint-Vil) is author of:
  1. LAFIMEN: Listwa Pèp Ayisyen Depi Nan Ginen (CD 1 – 4), audio recordings on the history of the Haitian People.
  2. Viv Bondye ! Aba Relijyon!,  book (essay) on spirituality and the Afro-Haitian experience with Christianity.

Co-founder of two self-help organizations AKASAN (Ayisyen ki ap soutni Ayisyen nètalkole) and Jaku Konbit which follow the principles popularized by Marcus Garvey, he is also an artist-activist immersed in the Global Peace and Social Justice movement.

He hosts or co-hosts  several weekly radio programs such as Bouyon-Rasin at the University of Ottawa’s C.H.U.O 89.1 F.M,  Rendez-vous Haitien at Carleton University’s C.K.C.U 93.1 F.M, Chèche pa peche and Pawòl pou chèche chimen on www.radiokajou.com.

Featured political analyst on Canadian as well as international media, a University of Waterloo (Hon. B.Sc., Biology) graduate and Canadian Civil Servant, Jafrikayiti lives in Ottawa-Gatineau but returns to Haiti on a regular basis.


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For the emergence of a new era of justice-based global peace and genuine human sisterhood/brotherhood.


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Africans Around the World Overcome Adversities Everyday

How I wish when I was growing up, I had books that told me about the true
story of my people, of their civilizations, inventions, struggles, victories.

Books in which the first picture I saw resembled me, instead of the Columbus face that starred curiously back at me, on the very first page of “our” Histoire d’Haiti by Frères de l’instruction chrétienne.

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Konbit wete pay, geri trip

Jodi a, dimanch 5 janvye 2020, nou vin rapousuiv refleksyon nou tanmen nan finisman ane 2019 la, kote nou dakò, pa gen wout pa bwa, lè
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Ayisyen refize fè sanblan. Okontrè, nou deside fè san blan

Lasoyete onè, jodi a, nou pral founi je gade direksyon Papa Dessalines te bay Pèp Ayisyen an depi jou 1 janvye 1804 la, lè li te
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Le colon guette maman

Yon Sistèm San Manman Ki Gen Plizyè Papa Pèpè! Lasoyete onè, Jodi a, nou rale loup listwa pou nou founi je gade kòd lonbrit “sistèm nan”,
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What ought to be Canada’s policy towards Haiti?

This year, as Canadians head to the polls, a Montreal-based group known as Québec-Haiti Solidarity: Petro Challenge 2019 undertook several actions to alert Canadians that something
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Devan Lotèl Papa Dessalines: Yon Sèl Konfesyon Pou Chak Ayisyen

Nan ansyen Wayom KEMET, zansèt Afriken nou yo te tabli Gran Prensip Moral ki la pou gide lavi moun sou latè. Yo te batize prensip sa
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