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Lafimen CD 2 – Lanbi Libète
February 28, 2016
Lafimen CD 2 & 3 – LANBI LIBÈTE
February 28, 2016
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Lafimen CD 3 – Revolisyon Tout Bon


This is the third cd in the series Lafimen: Listwa Pèp Ayisyen depi nan Ginen (History of the Africans of Haiti). It's a professionally-mastered audio recording which narrates the history of the Haitian people, unapologetically, from a truth-centric perspective.
Lafimen CD 3 - Revolisyon Tout Bon
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This is the third cd in the series Lafimen: Listwa Pèp Ayisyen depi nan Ginen (History of the Africans of Haiti)

(1799 to January 1, 1804)


Nan CD#2 ak #3, se Revolisyon Ayisyen an ki layite an gran jan nètalkole, depi sou premye gwo leve kanpe Nèg Mawon yo, gouvènans yon jeni militè ki te rele Toussaint Louverture, jan li finalman fè bèk atè, jan konba a rapousuiv jouk rive nan dènye kou ki touye koukou a – viktwa final Lame Afriken revòlte yo sou ekpedisyon esklavajis Napoléon Banaparte lan (Batay Vètyè) epi pwoklamasyon endepandans Ayiti, 1 janvye 1804 sou lobidyans fondatè Jean-Jacques Dessalines.


The opening piece “Toussaint Louverture ap dirije” covers the military rise and governance of the legendary leader of Saint-Domingue.  From the multitude of enslaved Africans who had arrived on the island from various lands and nations, speaking different languages and having known different military strategies and systems of governance, Louverture established and led a formidable army of freedom fighters.

Jafrikayiti leads us to discover Toussaint Louverture’s bold 1801 Constitution, which occasioned a feat of rage by Napoléon Bonaparte. The 3rd piece is titled: “Napoléon voye Leclerc nan dengonn Toussaint“.P1260461

High drama and captivating intrigue are ever present throughout the Haitian Revolution. From 1793 onward Toussaint and his army defeat Spanish, British and French enslavers, chasing them out of the island along with mulatto collaborators who threatened his power. In 1802, Toussaint is treacherously captured, kidnapped and deported to France.  All along, with Maten, his faithful donkey, Jafrikayiti travels with us through time, mountains, valleys and oceans to serve as invisible eye-witnesses to these mesmerizing historical events.

Rezistans“, a musical piece performed by Port-au-Prince street band “Patikoul“, aptly introduces each new chapter. Major figures (men and women) of the Haitian revolution are introduced in full action with pieces titled: “Dessalines ak Christophe refize trayi“, “Lyetnan Sanite Bélair” and “Mèsi Nèg ak Nègès Gwadloup”.

 The climatic piece “Vètyè Pòtay Libète“, recounts the epic battle won at Vertières (Northern Ayiti) by the Africans over Napoleon Bonaparte’s army. The leadership of fearless abolitionist Jean-Jacques Dessalines is well established on the Island of Liberty. With the declaration of independence of the abolitionist Republic of Haiti, on January 1, 1804, a new chapter of human history has began. Deemed anathema in the world of white enslavers, Dessalines’ name is cursed; His “Black Republic” feared and ostracized.

The CD closes with “Sa k ap fèt?”, a rap performance by KOB Records artist Lucifer. It also features Jafrikayiti who delivers a special message to Haitians of all generations.

Track List

LAFIMEN CD#3 “Revolisyon tout bon” (Revolution), produced in 2006, comprises the following tracks:

1. Toussaint Louverture ap dirije (6’58)
(Toussaint rules)
2. Konstitisyon 1801 (3’25)
(The 1801 Constitution)

3. Napoléon voye Leclerc nan dengonn Toussaint? (4’45)
(Napoléon sends Leclerc to placate Toussaint)

4. Èske Toussaint ap bay Leclerc legen? (4’42)
(Will Toussaint give up?)

5. Dessalines ak Christophe refize trayi (2’58)
(Dessalines and Christophe refuse to betray)
6. Politik Leclerc (6’)
(Leclerc’s tactics)

7. Leclerc arete Toussaint li pimpe l an Frans (4’26)
(Leclerc deports Toussaint to France)

7. Lyetnan Sanite Bélair (5’16)
(Lieutenant Sanite Bélair)

9. Kafou se swa sa ou se pa sa (4’38)
(Point of no-return)
10. Rochambeau dyab sou latè (4’10)
(Rochambeau, the devil on earth)
11. Mèsi Nèg ak Nègès Gwadloup (6’)
(Thank you Africans of Guadeloupe)

12. Vètyè pòtay libète (9’08)
(Vertières : The Gates of Freedom)
13. Pwoklamasyon Fòdofen (6’32)
(Fort Dauphin Proclamation)
14. Ayiti toma su endependencia (6’31)
(Haiti « toma »)

15. Sa k ap fèt ? (2’05)
(What’s going on?) (Kreyòl hip-hop)

16. Depi nan Ginen bon Nèg ap ede Nèg (1’06)
(brotherhood as ancient as mother Africa)


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