September 2, 2019

Responsablite atis Ayisyen yo

Te genyen yon vi kiltirèl trè aktif sou zile a, nan epòk esklavajis lan, kote Kretyen Ewopeyen yo t ap fè zile Ayiti pwodui anpil richès
July 4, 2019

Can Haitians help make Canada better!?

This year, an unprecedented event took place on Canada Day, in Ottawa. A group of Canadians answered a fellow citizen’s challenge to host the first ever
November 12, 2016

If this Haitian was superstitious like the Clintons

“malè ou swete bèlmè, se manman ou li frape” – Haitian wisdom (the evil you wish upon your mother-in-law strikes your mother)  * The other day,
February 1, 2016

Diaspora wide protests against US-UN-OAS meddling in Haiti‏

Once again, our country Haiti is in turmoil and thus in the front and editorial pages of the U.S. mainstream press. The justified revolt of the