President Kagame: you must reject all devilish offer to participate in the betrayal of Haiti

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October 14, 2022
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October 20, 2022

President Kagame: you must reject all devilish offer to participate in the betrayal of Haiti

Your Excellency,

This urgent letter comes your way from a son of Africa born in Haiti. Mr. President, you ought to categorically reject a macabre neocolonial project, concocted in Washington, to invade Haiti using black soldiers from continental Africa and the Caribbean (tirailleurs Sénégalais reloaded).

As you surely know, Haiti is a current international crime scene. The ongoing mayhem our people is forced to endure results directly from foreigners taking over Haiti and ruling it, cowardly hidden behind criminal black-face puppets over the past 18 years. 

On February 29, 2004 the US, France and Canada invaded Haiti to overthrow its elected government. Thus, through extreme violence, seven thousand duly-elected representatives of the Haitian people, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide included, were deposed and replaced by Washington-selected thugs.

After the brutal foreign coup a UN force (MINUSTAH) occupied the Caribbean nation for 13 years, attempting to consolidate a criminal, unsustainable, regime of economic Apartheid (see: White warlords are Haiti’s real curse). MINUSTAH engaged in widespread sexual misconduct, extra-judicial killings and through their reckless sanitation practices introduced cholera to the country, which killed as many as 50 000, according to some scientific studies.

The coup and foreign occupation of Haiti, which were conducted and maintained under racist premises, are absolute tragedies, by every measure.

During the period of foreign occupation (2004 to present), the socio-economic situation of Haitian families has drastically deteriorated, in every way. Over the same period, Rwanda, your country which was recovering from horrendous socio-political trauma, significantly improved its human development performance, moving its HDI from several points below that of Haiti in 2004 and surpassing it since 2011.

Source: 2014 Human Development Report, UNDP

President Kagame, this past July 2022, I had the honour and privilege of visiting your beautiful country. Indeed, I am unqualified as a single time visitor to comment the ongoing conflict between your country and République Démocratique du Congo (RDC) which attracted strong criticism from fellow social justice activists in Canada to whom I expressed my positive observations about daily life in Rwanda. Still, I insist in all truth and sincerity that, whether in Kigali or Gisenyi (near the border with Goma), I met proud and determined, industrious and hopeful Rwandans who enjoy life in very beautiful and inspiring environments. This observation compelled me to ask the following question: when did Rwanda become such a better place to live, compared to Haiti?

The data does not lie or bow to propaganda. It is the foreign take-over of Haiti that systematically destroyed a weakened Haitian state and rendered the country inhospitable to impoverished Black Haitians, for the benefit of foreigners. Thus, the straight answer to my question is: Rwandan quality of life surpassed that of Haitians when imperial powers overthrew Haiti’s progressive and legitimate government to replace it with criminals who were handpicked by Washington, Paris and Ottawa.

For several years now large protests and blockades in Haiti have been calling for the demise of these foreigner-appointed intellectually-challenged despots. The latest puppet ruler, Ariel Henry, was anointed 15 months ago by the Core Group, which consists of representatives of the US, Canada, France, Spain, Brazil, EU, UN and OAS. This neocolonial club has continually assisted the corrupt, violent, and illegal PHTK regime. Puppet “president” Michel Martelly was selected through Core Group organized fraud and violence, in 2011.

Brave Haitians, of all ages, from all walks of life, on the island and abroad, have incessantly demanded that corrupt PHTK officials be brought to justice. The culprits’ cover has consistently come from the US and its subservient followers assembled in the Core Group.

Given these circumstances, only fools can still expect positive outcomes from proposed deployment of new foreign troops into Haiti.

For all these reasons, knowing how the UN was complicit in the arrest and murder of Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba of the Congo, we call on all Africans, particularly Black soldiers worldwide, regardless of the national army in which they are enrolled, to categorically refuse taking part in any imperialist invasion of our sacred land, Haiti.

All Africans, worldwide, must stand in absolute solidarity on this matter. Neo-colonizers must be forced to finally let the native peoples of Africa and of the Americas breathe!

This coming Friday, 21 October 2021 @ 2pm, a number of us will join justice and peace loving people of all shades and origin in front of the French Embassy in Ottawa. Our demand: End all deadly imperialist adventures in Haiti and continental Africa.

Mr. President, we trust that you agree and will categorically reject the devilish offer to participate in the betrayal of Haiti.

#StopUNinvasionOfHaiti #BlackNationhoodMatters

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  1. Farida says:

    Rwanda is not a better place than Haïti. Everything is made to create the illusion of perfection. There’s many things to say but here are some fews.

    – Rwanda has a low GDP only 10 billions.
    – 90% of the population don’t have access to clean water.
    – Kagame is a dictator who has been in office since the 90s.
    – He jail the opposition.
    – He rigs the elections until giving himself 99%.
    – He excluded the hutu from the power creating an only tutsi elite.
    – He loot Congolese natural ressources for the sake of big companies. The looting of Congolese resources also provide 50% of gvt budget the 50% comes from forgein donation such as the US.
    – He is behind the destabilisation of Eastern Congo.
    – He invaded Congo to loot natural ressources leaving millions dead.
    – He supported the overthrow of Khaddafi by the west which created a big destabilisation in Africa.
    – 13,7 millions Rwandan but only 550 000 of them have a job.

    There’s a lot of things to say.
    Kagame is a murderer, a dictator, who created the illusion of a great leader. And it works. He has never paid for his crimes.
    There’s strong economies in Africa but they don’t make any publicity unlike Kagame does.