From Khufu, Snefru, Huni and Djoser to Makandal, Dessalines and you

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April 1, 2017
April 22, 2017

From Khufu, Snefru, Huni and Djoser to Makandal, Dessalines and you

There is no shortage of African builders of great civilization to inspire our world. For instance, although much effort has been deployed by so-called archeologists, historians, educators…to hide the face or to malign the majestic work of Pharaoh Khufu, century after centuries, Khufu’s pyramid of stone still stands tall as ever in the Land of the Blacks.

Having twice had the privilege to stand at the feet of Khufu’s pyramid, I can easily understand why it had inspired the envy of countless hateful little men and women who have come to its sight at a time when much of Afrika’s power on earth has systematically been destroyed by European and Arab invaders.

Kebindayiti on daddy’s shoulders (while still possible !) at Giza, July 2010

Is it not interesting to note how the hateful diatribes and lies invented by jealous Greek and Arab historians to diminish ancient African civilizations, including the great architectural works of Khufu, resemble the hate and deceit demonstrated against Haiti’s Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the modern-day builder of a “pyramid of liberty”?

Like Khufu who is scornfully described in the books of Greek historians, Dessalines, the 19th century African General who stroke the fatal blow to the European trade in humans, is so often belittled, maligned, disfigured when he is not completely erased from the books of British, French, Spanish and White American historians.

“The ancient historian Diodorus claims that Khufu was so much abhorred by his own people in later times that the mortuary priests secretly brought the royal sarcophagus, together with the corpse of Khufu, to another, hidden grave. With this narration he strengthens and confirms the view of the Greek scholars, that Khufu’s pyramid (and the other two, as well) must have been the result of slavery. However, at the same time, Diodorus distances himself from Herodotus and argues that Herodotus “only tells fairy tales and entertaining fiction”. (

May our world come to the realization, sooner rather than later, that facts, as seen on the walls of Afrika’s stubborn pyramids and a myriad of statues of stone…. as evidenced in the lives of several million survivors of the armies of genocide led by Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Jefferson, Elizabeth I, Leopold I… yes, FACTS are much more beneficial to our species than ridiculous, antiquated racist FAIRY TALES – no matter how entertaining they may be to some nostalgic fools in Hollywood or within the contaminated halls of so-called institutions of higher Learning.

Ayibobo! Amandla !

Respè pou  Farawon KHUFU !



Jafrikayiti is the Author of the series LAFIMEN: Listwa Pèp Ayisyen Depi Nan Ginen: an audio book on the history of the Haitian people and Viv Bondye! Aba Relijyon!, an essay published in 2000 on the spirituality and experience of Afro-Haitians with Christianity. Installed in Canada for more than 30 years, he is co-Founder of Jaku Konbit and AKASAN, two organizations which work for peace and social justice, and he regularly speaks in the media as a Political Analyst. His blog:


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