January 25, 2013

Nasty 10th Birthday to OIH – Text #1: Letter to President Aristide

Nasty 10th Birthday to OIH! – original writings giving perspective on The Ottawa Initiative on Haiti (OIH). 10 years ago, Haiti’s self-appointed international “friends” masterminded, financed
January 18, 2013

Haiti's Partial Victory Against International Banditry

Click on picture (above) to activate March 2011 CTV News Interview, covering Dr. Aristide’s return home and a quick plug about the $40 Billion Ransom that France has yet to return
November 28, 2012

Is Coicou a Good Family Name?

This is what we wrote back in 2005 when there were already many signs that rich people in Haiti were involved in major crimes, including kidnappings….
November 18, 2012


“As Grand Chief of the Algonquin family, I took the decision to welcome the Haitian family who lives on Algonquin territory. A very special ceremony will