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December 24, 2014
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December 30, 2017

Christianity – Whose business is it nowadays?

I wrote:
….as much as he may want to dissociate the Evangelical’s racist
diatribes from the “orthodoxy” of Christianity, our brother Gelin
cannot succeed in doing so.

Gelin answered:

I believe I have.

Really!? Although, these evangelicals can easily identify in the “word
of god” accepted by all of Christianity, where they find justification
for their racism? Gélin, it is not the Gospel according to Jerry
Fallwell, but the Christian Bible that identifies a “chosen people” to
whom “god” not only gives the right to steal, plunder other people’s
property but, he actively involves himself in these Zenglendo acts –
such as described in the book of Joshua where the sun was ordered to
stop in its course (which is a complete non-sense – but knowing what
happened to Galileo for pointing this out, I’ll keep quiet) so that
Joshua and his gang could complete its assassination campaign against
the Amorites whose land they had set their eyes upon. This is after the
same “god” is said to have spent energy throwing hailstones from the
sky to kill the Amorites…. but somehow, “almighty god himself”,
Joshua and the gang ran out of time and needed more day light to
complete their zenglendo activities.

Come on Gélin, this is as stupid a story as the one about “almighty
god” panicking because the people at Babel were building a tower which
was about to touch the sky….so he decided to confuse their speech.

So, the question is how do you reconcile the fact that orthodox
Christianity to which I assume you belong – still considers the book
that includes these ethnocentric fairy tales: “word of god”?

I wrote:
The dilema for Africans who have adopted Christianity as their religion
is a difficult one.

Gelin replied:
It’s a false problem UNLESS we talk about the eurocentric version of
Where is the non-eurocentric version of Christianity? Which book does
it consider “word of god”, if not the same one quoted above? Who are
the leaders on earth of that version of Christianity, if not the
European men who control the Catholic Church in Rome, the Baptist
Church in the U.S.A, the other protestant denominations in Europe?
Where and when did that non-eurocentric version of Christianity
denounce the crimes of Christendom over the periods of racial slavery
and colonization? Have they also renounce the abusive use of
“whiteness” when protraying non-Europeans who lived in the Palestine
region and Africa over 2000 years ago?

I know of a few churches in Black America that have gone as far as
using a black Jesus, a black Madonna or that use Negro spirituals
rather than the German, British or Nordic hymnals. A few churches that
use African drums….but all of these groups attempting to break away
from the dominant tradition still function within the “chosen people”
paradigm and they use the one book which gives voice to the so-called
“universal god” as follows:

Leviticus 25: 39-46

39 “If your brother among you becomes destitute and sells himself to
you, (I) you must not force him to do slave labor. 40 Let him stay with
you as a hired hand or temporary resident; he may work for you until
the Year of Jubilee. 41 Then he and his children are to be released
from you, and he may return to his clan and his ancestral property. (J)
42 They are not to be sold as slaves, [e] because they are My slaves I
brought out of the land of Egypt. 43 You are not to rule over them
harshly (K) but fear your God. 44 Your male and female slaves are to be
from the nations around you; you may purchase male and female slaves.
45 You may also purchase them from the foreigners staying with you, or
from their families living among you-those born in your land. These
may become your property. 46 You may leave them to your sons after you
to inherit as property; you can make them slaves for life. But
concerning your brothers, the Israelites, you must not rule over one
another harshly.

I wrote:
“the compilers of the so-called “new testament” shared some of the same
ethnocentric values as did those who compiled the Torah. That is how
you will find justifications of slavery in both books”.

Gélin replied:
“Shall we go over this again? If you accept Christ’s teachings you
simply cannot have another human being as your slave or possession.
Period! ”

I agree with you that no one human being should enslave another.
However, Pastor Gélin, I’ll have you notice that you have just
contradicted the “word of god” as described in Leviticus above.
Wouldn’t this make you ANATHEMA?

I Wrote:
“I will take Christianity seriously when, as easily as I can picture a
huge assembly of 100 thousand black folks listening reverently to a
white preacher with in the background a huge portrait of White Jesus,
with other white biblical figures of all sorts… I would picture
the opposite. i.e. a huge assembly of 100 thousand white folks
listening reverently to a black preacher with in the background a black
Jesus, with other black biblical figures of all sorts”.

Gelin replied:
“And even then it may still be different from the original version
(about which I am concerned)”.

Therein lies the problem. The original version of which you speak was
NOT Christianity. The simple fact is that Jesus, the man whose name has
been used to create this religion (hundreds of years after his death)
was never a Christian, never intended to create a religion named
Christianity. Instead, he was born, raised and killed for belonging to
his people’s faith (Judaism), which he found his father and mother
practicing in Roman-occupied Judea. When one speaks of “original
Christianity” you have no choice but to land in the muddy field of
Roman Empire and other European politics with creators named Saul of
Tarsus, Constantine, Eusebius, Augustine, Calvin, Luther etc… These
are the folks who created the “Christianity” being practiced in modern

I wrote:
“Now, will black folks continue to worship Leonardo da Vinci into the
22nd century and participate in a franchise where they hold so few

Gelin replied:
“I do not worship a work of art”.

I realize that the fact that Leonardo da Vinci (and the church
corporations) popularized his self-portrait as the image of “god” does
not mean every Christian faithful accepts or rejoices in that. In fact
there are Christian sects that reject the use of portraits to represent
“god”. However, the use of these images is a political decision. The
impact of that particular image of “god” which I describe in my book as
the face of a two-faceted lie is still real and far-reaching. God is
“white”, like Leonardo da Vinci – This is the first side of the twin
deceit. The second face, “whiteness equates godliness” is the real
target and it is introduced and supported by the first deception.

Bondye blan + blan se bondye = Doub manti fè dekabès !

That’s why even in 2006 we see Christian imagery as well as the
political power represented by it remain as bound to whiteness as ever.
It’s a hopeless case Gélin. If Jesus could speak from his grave, I am
sure he would advise us that it is useless to spend good energy trying
to clean up that mess. Let the thing reach its expiry date in peace and
let us trust humanity to create new and better adapted theories to
explain the universe. This time around we could add a couple of
dinosaurs in Noah’s Arch. Instead of the Nimrod at Babel story we could
develop an intelligent story about how Pharaoh Khufu and/or Kaphre
built the Sphinx and the Pyramids at Giza. The link between these
architechtural wonders and those of the Olmecs, the Maya could be
detailed…. etc..

However, we cannot waste too much time….because just as it took no
time to paint every history-maker from Moses (Akenaton?) to Jesus
(Yeshuah) the “right” color, we have evidence that our very own KMTic
ancestors are being given the Michael Jackson treatment right under our
very eyes… and, of course, they claim to be using the new “word of
god” i.e.: science.



Chans pou nou, Gran Nèg la, Osiris, vivan…

Twou manti pa fon, poutan li antere mèt li !



Source: From the archives of brother Guy S. Antoine’s AnnPale (

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