October 19, 2015
If this Haitian was superstitious like the Clintons
November 12, 2016

Jesus! Brother Obama, what would Dessalines do?

212 years ago, 14 January 1804: Haiti’s First Leader Responds to Crisis in the U.S. “Brother Dessalines, I was enslaved, and you bought me freedom” – Many American slave ship captains collected the 40 dollars payment Dessalines had reserved for the release of each formerly enslaved person who sets foot on Haitian soil.

6 Years Ago, 12 January 2010: The First Black President of the U.S.A Responds to Crisis in Haiti. “Brother Obama, I was thirsty, buried under rubbles, why did you send me scary soldiers?”

6 years after Goudougoudou, the Haitian National Palace, emblematic of the state of the Haitian State, is still non-existent. On the other hand, the Clinton Global Foundation seems to be doing quite well financially! “Brother Obama, I was vulnerable and impoverished, and you sent me thieves!?”

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