September 1, 2023

No Need to Invade Haiti: Arrest Bigio and Martelly in Florida

As I type these paragraphs, US-armed terrorists are closing in on my native neighbourhood of Kafoufèy, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Family members and friends have reportedly scattered
October 14, 2022

White Warlords are Haiti’s Real Curse

Originally published on Black Agenda Report There exists a numerically-miniscule but economically-powerful set of inbreeding oligarch families in Haiti , who are not descendants of deported and enslaved
January 3, 2022

Pou nou onore zansèt yo an verite

«Pou nou onore zansèt yo, nou dwe mete tout bandi kidnapè-kadejakè PHTK nan prizon, libere peyi nou epi elimine Kò Gwoup nan zafè Ayiti, atoujamè!». Jodi a,