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March 26, 2016
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July 2, 2016

Spirituality Haiti 2000 and beyond…

As we approach the end of the year 2000, more and more “Black” peoples the world over are discovering the negative impact of acculturation through “Chritianisation” and/or “Islamisation”.

i.e. Many of us now realise that in order to develop a relationship with Bondye, our creator, we do not have to deny ourselves and become « white » inside. We can dance good Konpa music, good Rara, and we can dress like the Afrikans that we are. We do not need to dress like Europeans with ties choking us under the 33 degree sun in order to look like and/or be Jesus-like. Bondye loves us as we truly are!

In that regard, we have seen the emergence of slow changes within the Catholic church with the “Ti-Legliz” bringing in the drums. In the protestant churches, slowly but surely, people realise that God is not a unilingual francophone. So they start to sing and pray in Kreyòl (no drums yet however!). And more and more the new generation of Haitian protestants are playing Konpa. Alabanza, Frère Kamo aletriye. Plus Didi Jeremie, on the Catholic side.

On a more African-centered side, we have the powerful lyrics of Boukman Eksperyans that refer to “Ginen Jesus” and sing “Bay Bondye Glwa”. On the pure Vodou side with have Azò and Wawa who do not go half way about it. Their music is clearly Vodou.

Yet there are those who say all this is only the beginning. Much more need to be done in order to develop a truly
Afri-Ayitian Spiritual revolution within our people. They say “get rid of the white “god” images in our subconscious, whether Christian or vodouisant.

The “white” Erzulie, the “white” Jezi-mari jozèf elatriye are all sequels of slavery. Get rid of them and recognize the true Bondye spirit creator of whom we have no picture. They say: teach your children to pray Bondye in their own mother tongue; Teach them to praise Bondye with their owntraditional instruments and melodies. Teach them to say Ayibobo without fearing Dante’s so-called “hell”. Teach them to take part in the life and struggle of their people (not waiting idle and lazily) for Jesus to do everything for them.

Teach them personal responsibility for their negative actions; Teach them to love Black people, Red People, Yellow People, ALL
People. But first teach them to stop worshipping White people. Either mythical or actual. I.e. deprogram the evanjelizazonbifikasyon done by Christianity over the last 500 years…

Are we in the middle of a spiritual revival in Haiti?

Is it a good thing?

Will all these changes lead to more religion-based violence like Kanpay Rejete ( 1940s), Kanpay Konvèti Boukman nan Bwa Kay Iman (1990s) or to spiritual enlightment ?

“Lanmou pi fò pase lanmò!”

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